Hopeful signs
Dextra Sinister - Hopeful Signs
MTS Records - CD 2006

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Dexter Know the new member of the band, our friend Dexter. He contributes playing keyboard with their outstanding arrangements decisively. But the most interesting is his personality. An unknown for us, because it is quite quiet, but it demonstrates to like too much of heavy metal. We noticed that it is not well like this with yours irmão. Click in him.
DS Brother

A sacrifice image and fight for the survival and the few moments of that felicidada sometimes get confused with illusion and hope, and each one does of his destiny a battlefield or an universe to discover

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MTS Records has the responsibility of production of the band Dextra Sinister. The truth is that as much DS as for MTS Records it is totally independent, it doesn't count with patronage of third and what really brings combustion for several projects is the desire to notice the life for the art, through the likeness and friendship of the members. Click and know the Production of the CD

A form plenty practice of her exists to get to join musicians and with harmony. Arrange a space, musical instruments and similar people. More obvious than that to have some chance and when the musical interest is comun the thing can catch "resonant fire". the methrashcore is one of those attempts. But we don't forget that they are human beings and musicians that promote this thing type and almost always the ideology is of side to give space to "explosions" provoked by the same ones. Methrashcore has CNJ even. Click below to know her.

he members of the band DS has been demonstrating technical evolution, but what is fundamental and the one that prevails is the pleasure to hear and to play heavy metal, in way simple, independent and free. Click DS and know a little of the


In a difficult granted interview, keyboard player Dexter talked a little about the band and as he was his integration and also on a little of his personality:

1 - How entrance happened in the band? Well, I was without band and he knew that the previous keyboard player left. As I noticed that they were not interested more in musical keys, I asked about the possibility of a chance. The guys of the band accepted with a condition, in the which I should play for amusement and musical pleasure and he had simplicity to accept the natural, without turning the music a weight. Logical that I agreed!
2 - how are they now the musical works of the band? Super well, a lot of ralação and the things have been walking. Actually only the process in sí is very entertaining and difficult.
3 - is true that the guys see you as a representation of the human feelings?
Not so much! The one that happens is that the men are quite intriguing and they don't know how to work with the power. A lot of lack of conscience exists in relation to the planet, the nature and the humanity's moral progress. I am only concerned with my instrument and with my music.
4 - have they been affirming that you sometimes seedling completely and does he leave the line and angel's raisin paradoxically to crazy? What do you have to say?
He looks, I wanted a lot to play in this band and I will struggle for that. In the bottom I am adoring and as for this history that I am crazy, that is conversation... I Think I am normal. It is because the people that speak this don't know my brother Terdex. (did he give laughters and eccentric saculejos at this time). do I agree that I eat human being am defective and who is not? But I have virtues... I Think it is my way just.
5 - does a little of the cd "Hopeful Signs" speak. Which the proposal of the band? It doesn't have that of not proposed. The letters speak about the life, but basically of looking for with hope always the good. Only that the life is not like this, we know. "Examine everything. Keep the good." - (Paulo 5:21). The one that we can affirm is that he doesn't have to do anything with annoying religions, ideological factionalisms or any convention.
6 - the one that you have to say for those that still don't know the band Dextra Sinister.
The time doesn't wait for anybody. Hear DS and if they tolerate, try to render attention in the letters. It is legal. I "tell you that you don't know what will happen tomorrow." (Tiago, 4:14).

Dexter in the middle of the perfomance in Stúdio 221.


Welcome to Dextra Sinister universe. A band of heavy metal that plays to amuse and search own repertoire with bases in the power, in the classic and in the progressive, without leaving aside the simplicity to express meanings of the life. Our new album "Hopeful Signs" is in recording phase and maybe with forecast still for 2006. It contains music that treat exclusively of the relationships among us humans with the natural laws. The letters speak about the feelings that each one behind in relation to coexistence with the geniosidade and the insanity, between the right and the wrong, the wars, the fears, the family, the death, the silence, the violence, the injustice, the hunger, the children and finally, with the reality of the life, with dreams, fantasies and hopes. Don't stop signing our Guestbook and listening some strips of our new CD in the area of download. Know more....


A synopsis done by Humberto Matos detailing strip the strip the album Hopeful Signs

1-TEARS: It is a music that was composed the plenty time and it was one of the first ones. Search to express the larger star as an intense light of life that illuminates us every day: The Sun. And as each alive being in the universe has in the certainty of his birth a life light staying lit, the fight against the time to survive, the presence of the love and of the hate, of the good and of the evil and the end as destiny of turning off. Fact that made to think me in the letter with affection and emotion. As this heat gives life! And as it seems us, in the renewals of the eternity, in trillions in years, that as the spirits, it seems that will never fade. See the video... Letter ...Return See the video... Lyrics... Return

2-SCHOOL LAND: If we are here in this planet is because it is exactly where his evolution apprenticeship allows to be him. Chorus of the music says: "The world has been a wise person school. School Land." It can sound a pedagogic amount, but in the reality when the sadness in the world is fed by the hunger and for the pain, in a very superior and intelligent way, we are taken to understand that we progressed for the own reform intimate, alone or together, with the love or the for the pain. Marks are at this school of the heart, as the faith, the courage, the tyranny, the violence and the hope. If you already if it felt vulnerable for an instant, we are weaker than strong in this school of the life, then hear School Land. See the video... Lyrics... Return

3-JUST A BREEZE:"a light breeze, is what is enough for a shine in my glance, a calm road is sufuciente to find my peace". it is like this that it begins this song that personally like a lot. The letter tries to show the force that each one ignores in itself own in the superação. When you face challenges that put his honor, his dignity, his destiny, his life in risk, in the silence or in this music you will notice the positive voice that he will tell him the all is not alone. Don't give up, struggle and follow your road. It was what felt when I thought the senses didn't combine with the reason of the problems and just a soft one (Just Breeze) it came me in the solitude to wake up me: proceed, you are not alone, no matter how much it seems. Soon video... Letra Return

4-OUR FIGHT: To believe always in dreams that has real possibilities of rendering. It is a fast and objective music, that speaks about our years of fight for the music, for the heavy metal, and as warriors that dream in expressing not only for the speech, but with the physics of the sounds, with the universal language of the music. Anything to see with fame and money but with the sense of the life, using the culture as form of existing through a band. It is logical that the "serious" life is not summarized in struggling just for that, but it is too good to have the chance, the opportunity of living, even if is alone to amuse, with the heavy metal. With music it will never be alone. Soon video Letter Return

5- AFTER FUNERAL: They asked Dalai Lama: What more it surprises you in the Humanity? " And he answered: "The men... Because they lose the health to join money, later they lose money to recover the health. And for they think eagerly about the future, they forget nor the present nor the future about the present in such a way that they end for not living. And they live as if they will never die... and they die as if they had never lived". When I composed this music, I tried to portray exactly the moment in that a human being, seconds after his funeral, he sees himself as spirit, fence among humans, of pain and tears, sadness, ignorance and prepotency not only for that noble moment of resignation. And before the unpreparedness, afraid, tends the luck of being helped and driven by a voice becomes friends for his freedom, it proceeds of turn to his true home in the certainty of which the life continues. The people, in search of the gold, of the voidable information, of the power and of the truth they forget to learn disciplines as simplicity, patience, love and wisdom, that it was taught there are times, in a special way. Soon video Letter to Return

6-DREAMER: We don't have doubts on the real changes that happen in the world. The technology, the capitalism and the differences among the people are more and more incited. Most of the time, with speed it forces, where we noticed damages to the planet and the banalização of the human morals. We don't have doubts on the defects that us humans took with us in this great day. But it is right that even before the distortions, I proceed as a dreamer one, in the illogical hope of better times than they will exist, where we can justify the free nature and the love already so consumed. The letter speaks about the body as a prison, fence of proofs, but that doesn't give up on dreaming, as a being that looks for if regenerates and to believe with hope in a better world. Soon video Letter to Voltar

7-VOICES GAME: This music was made with the participation of the arrangements of the keyboard player sérgio Mendes and he has his composition style well. I tried to structure it in way to not to lose his originality, adapting to the style of the band, the letter and to the vocal. It is a nervous and fast music. We already accustomed to say among us that, when it becomes distracted for some seconds to play her, as a game of voices, it is enough for it destroys you and leave you back. With classic influence, I composed the letter that speaks about voices, that stun the men's head with empty and unprotected minds, in the sense of controlling them taking them to tragedies and destructions. The pré-chorus says: "the voices, the fear, the oppression stays, once again they want to play the game." But the most legal is that in the chorus, that is very melodic, behind in the letter the incentive for the change, learning the if it frees, using the key of the pardon, what is not easy. Hear, but it is with your mind and attentive ears. Soon video...Letter... Voltar

8-MEMORIES: It is an intriguing music, that it treats of the lived sensations, that you left and today doesn't have any importance. They are people, facts or moments that existed, but that didn't deserve to be or to influence the truth of the own destiny in a certain way. Between the past and the future, will it be that you are not wasting time with people, facts or irrelevant things? Just distant memories and a "shine" to think in what really fill out you as part of the life. Soon video...Letter... Voltar

9-WHEN MY CHILDREN PRAY: Magic moments that prove the superior existence exist. The birth belongs one to them, and as if only the women could share of this experience, the men are also born of her and naturally has magnitute when it seats the children's force, through the bonds, as of the prayer, the if they connect, to the point of to justify the innocence as starting point to love and to respect a father's hope. This composition is really well personal and back a meaning of asking the intervention for the Father on behalf of the father. Anything of annoying religiosismo, just a magic moment, of Divine opportunity. It is the expression of this music. Soon video...Letter... Voltar

10-HOPEFUL SIGNS: It is the strip title of the CD, that tries to demonstrate, before such a dangerous world and disturbed, the "signs esperanços" that do with that even so, those that are good of heart, of the last ones they will be the first ones. There is who says: "Who said that I want to be among the first ones? " The larger subject is, same being among pain, blood and tears, nevertheless, let us don't lose the capacity to notice, as in the subtileness of the faith, of the plants and of the animals, the evident signs that the life is worthwhile, because things that prove exist that her, for less than it seems, it is wonderful. Soon video...Letter... Voltar


The band goes now by an intense recording process. This site in a certain way will try to update the activities accomplished insofar as possible of the developed works. To try to show little by little, details and a little of the material. Soon we will publish mp3 passages, new pictures promo and with exclusiveness the art of our new CD HOPEFUL SIGNS. Soon more innovations.

In a world in which the humanity modifies the own destiny, using the force of the love and of the hate, as forms of progress material, moral and spiritual, in search of the supposed happiness, remaining the people of well to accept her, conformed in the faith and in the hope, to justify the survival, the existence, no matter how much you/he/she feels and thank, loving and respecting the mother nature, and understand to deserve to be where I am, I want to believe that the universe is much more than that. Equal to the imperfect human beings, with their mistakes and successes, in the self-defense and for having to attack, my home and my heart deserves, respecting the time, to walk as warlike spirit Dextra Sinister, towards Divine Light.

Stúdio 221 is the denomination of the studio of the Banda Dextra Sinister. Click in Dexter to know him.

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