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Newton Bass
Newton Teixeira
[ Bass ]

Eder Neves
[ drums ]

Dexter "Lord" Soul
[ Keyboards ]

Humberto Matos
[ Guitar and vocals ]

To know each one of the members better, choice above and click in the image.

last release:
- CD 2006

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we lived the signs of love in the heart still alive with Dextra Sinister

Welcome. Living nowadays and next of new regeneration...

The band Dextra Sinister was formed in 2001 and long years later, integral of the Eternal former-band (vide release in the link methrashcore), they stay of that original formation in the band DS until today two members: the vocalist and guitarist Humberto Matos and drummer Eder Neves. No matter how incredible it can seem, it was in the beginning of the eighties, when rare they were the attempts of something that didn't go highlighting so conventional, when if treated of heavy music in a neighborhood in the federal capital-Brasília, at least in the Cruise, that in the interesting initiative, same completely ignored, the Eternal band motivated the creation of other several rock bands at that time. To hear the good heavy metal, headed by bands as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and similar, that led off the movement heavy on that famous decade is enough to justify the magic of a time. It was very entertaining. It was counted in the fingers the bands of the place.

Dextra Sinister, very different from those times, it accompanies the new times well and of certain form search, as any other art form, to express. It is not now that their members have as priority life quality with originality and the musical well-being, without worrying with critics or labels and nor to turn the music a “I weigh” to not to be in the literal sense. Being deepened a more little in the context of that long and great insistence, in the expectation of the first official release, it can be noticed that the lyrical part and the letters have conception returned to the side of the combined human existence with a characteristic touch of positive and imaginative themes, without forgetting of the violence, hunger and human poverty, in a language that maybe doesn't happen in good part of the metal in days today, and lens to stimulate the best in the worst. The larger conquest was the independence, that provides the freedom of, without hurry, to accomplish the own projects.

Through the years, the band had some changes in the line-up, but no many and now it consists in: Newton Teixeira-Bass, Eder Neves-Drums, Humberto Matos-Guitar and Vocal and Dexter in the Keyboards. The previous keyboard player left the band and surprisingly the new integral, besides being a type of symbol of the band, he is also part of her as integral.

The first album - entitled Hopeful Signs-it is being recorded in own Studio 221 of the band and the one that doesn't lack is a lot of work. They are countless difficulties but that has been in majority overcome. The expectations are quite positive and with the simple it is also arrived.

The people tend to characterize the music of the band as Heavy classic Metal and we thought could be more close to the truth, because it passes a far little. Among some influences they are proud of listing Edguy and Judas Priest. They take into account inspiration sources as Dio, Queensryche, Running Wild, Warlord, Lemur Voice and clear, Iron Maiden.

The truth is that it is treated of a band that struggles and search the progress but without her to let to take for the extremisms and patterns that only limit instead of facilitating the old rock, the good heavy metal for those that, besides adoring to hear has the privilege of playing among friends. We were proud of the music of bands as Manowar, Black Sabbath, Accept and so much other. Far away from comparisons and even ignored, why not of Dextra Sinister.



Eternal (Demo/1989)
Hopeful Signs (CD/2006)
Living room Eternal in Shadows (tribute to Eternal/2006)
Divine Pride (CD/Previsão of release fevereiro/2007)

I don´t like to see my world suffering,
but I know that's here our school land where we
learned how to develop on the way to the light of the new regeneration.

Attendance of Studies

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